Thursday, May 26, 2011

Games only I have played: Defcon 5

Hello and welcome to my new type of article: games only I have played.  Do you know what I do in these articles?
holy shit you are a genius, yes, I talk about games that a small amount of people have played.
Today it's

     Defcon 5 is a first person person shooter game, although you won't be doing a lot of shooting unless you like being trapped in rooms (more on this later).  The first thing you'll notice about this game, if you bought it for the ps1, is the size of the box its in.  It is literally twice the size of a normal ps1 container, I can see no logical reason for this.

     Onto to the actual game, you are a "cyberneer" (oh 90's how I miss thee and thy rediculous names), and you are supposed to defend the space mining installation from attack.  How do you do this? By setting up little defense drones around the installation, you do this by interacting with an overly complicated (for my 8 year old mind anyway) computer system.  If you attempt to go and shoot the baddies personally, guess what, the fucking air become contaminated or some shit and the doors in the are become locked.  Many Rage induced blackouts were had.

Oh shit what are you doing don't shoot it oh god WHY

     Oh also the installation you are defending is 2 towers that are each seven floors tall and each floor is fucking huge, so you better get to memorizing each floors name and location.

 Hope you like getting lost in corridors

Overall this game isnt too bad, aside from the clunky controls and the crazy computer interface, the game can be quite fun defending the giant ass facility you are stuck in from invading robots, just make sure you don't get lost, 7.5/10, would play again

Monday, April 18, 2011

MGO: slowpoke article

Yeah Yeah call me a slowpoke all you want, but I recently started playing MGO(Metal Gear Online, you can play it if you have metal gear solid 4) and, surprisingly, its really fun.  Yes you can rage easily at this game due to lag spikes and whatnot, but damn is it fun, especially if you hang out with bros.

Even after 2 years there are still plenty of games to join, and if you find a good one it can be tons of fun.

Oh and also post your psn/konami name and ill add you so we can play, I bet you can't guess my psn, its definitely not in the title of this blog, nope.

EDIT: Holy shit psn is finally back up god damn

Monday, January 31, 2011

The reason for me not updating in a loooong time

Some of you (if anyone still cares) might be wondering why I haven't updated in a while, the reason being is that my computer crapped out on me and I have to use a shitty computer, but worry not dear followers I still have the ability to review console games(if that counts for anything) so yeah expect some console updating soon, like later today soon.