Friday, October 8, 2010

Sorry I have not updated in a while

I have been pretty busy with college and shit.  Prepare your body though, for my next recommendation is coming soon.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where to buy Crusader Kings

In my last blog I have failed to mention where to buy this game, you can get the CD and shit from amazon

Located here

Or you can straight up download it (Gamers gate is actually a spin off company from the games creators, paradox studios)

You can get it for windows or the mac, don't worry if you have a newer version of windows, I'm using Windows 7 and it's working just fine, you can also buy the expansion deus vult, or Crusader kings complete, it adds some nice shit to it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crusader kings bitches

For my first little review/recomendation I'm gong to go with Crusader Kings, made by paradox studios

Now the majority of people here you probably have no clue what this game is, I'll give you the rundown. It's a grand strategy game where you play as a feudal european nation in between December 26, 1066 and December 30, 1452.  At the start of the game you choose to become a count(rules over one provence), a duke(rules over a couple counts), or a king(rules over several dukes.) This game is very very open and not linear at all, you choose what you get to do and create funny stories of your exploits.

In short you crusade, think up arching overcomplicated plans for killing your king and taking his place, and fuck bitches.

Like all paradox games this one has a huge learning curve, and no tutorial in it whatsoever, that is why I highly recomend this wiki right here

It really helped me start the game and get into it. 

Speaking of me would you like to know about the current game i'm playing? Of course you do, after all I am the famous Rugged Lemming. Right now I'm playing as the goddamn Prince of Crete, I'm plotting to kill my wife's father so I can inherit his lands and money.  I am also slowly taking over africa, and hope to kill all the filthy heathens who live there, pic related.
That white southern Greece bit is my father in laws land, I'm going to murder him so hard.

I highly recommend this game for anyone who is a fan of other grand strategy games, although if you are new to the genre Crusader kings will seem a bit complicated, but again just look at that wiki and you'll figure it out in no time.

That's it for this recommendation/review thing, until next time


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am going to play videogames and enjoy them, then tell you how much I enjoyed them.

Hello everyone I'm Rugged Lemming and this is my blog.  On this blog I will play and review (possibly even LP, if there is enough support for it) video games.  I play all games new and old and will give you guys recommendations for good games, I will be making a post pretty soon on the game I will review (it's a surprise), so make sure to stick around.